Mushroom Edibles

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Magic mushroom edibles are the most fun thing to play with.
No need to eat those terrible tasting magic mushrooms or magic truffles anymore truffles.
We use the highest quality ingredients to create our masterpiece mushroom candy
If you are wondering how is it legal to process psilocybine into our products, here is the trick.
When taking psilocybine extract made from original magic mushrooms and putting it under high pressure with hydrogen the molecule of the hallucinating substance reverses.
Making it a different moleculair structure that is not on any forbidden list.
The effect of the psilocybine thays the same but becomes a little weaker.
To counter this we add a little more percentage of our ingredient to the candy wich makes it just as potent
as a pack of original magic mushrooms.
Our range carries: magic mushroom gummies, magic mushroom chocolate and magic mushroom caramel.
We can not make Magic mushroom cookies, brownies or muffins due to them being in the oven at a high temperature
for a long time wich will vaporize the ingredient.