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Gummies with Mushroom Extract


  • Every pack contains 2 gummies
  • If you wanna have a fun night out, this is the thing to try
  • Each gummy contains 8 mg of muscimol


Gummies with Mushroom Extract can give you an energetic and uplifting feeling.
With a mix of many different mushrooms it is the perfect blend to give you a pleasant vibe.
Feel the power of lion`s mane, maitake, reishi, chaga, cordiceps and shitake.
Every pack contains 2 gummies.
Taking one will give you a pleasant warm feeling.
Take them both and follow the rabbit to see how deep the rabbit hole is.
Colours, sounds, temperatures and enviroment can be in a different perspective.
Losing track of time and sense of your surounding are signature trademarks to this mushroom blend.
If you wanna have a fun night out, this is the thing to try.
Best used in a zone where you feel comfortable to have the best effect.
Don´t use Gummies with mushroom extract in combination with alcohol as the fungus can react to it in a negative way.

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose syrup, gelling agent: gelatin, dextrose, modified starch, citric acid, sorbitol (E420), aroma’s, mushroom extract, colours: (E140) (E122) (E104) (E160) (E163). ingredienten: Suiker, Glucosesiroop, geleermiddel: gelatine Dextrose, gemodificeerd zetmeel, Citroenzuur, Sorbitol (E420), Aroma’s, mushroom extract, kleuren: (E140) (E122) (E104) (E160) (E163) Zutaten: Zucker, Glukosesirup, Geliermittel: Gelatine, Dextrose, modifizierte Stärke, Zitronensaure, Sorbitol (E420), Aromen, mushroom extract, Farbstoffe: (E140) (E122) (E160) (E163) (E104). ingredients: Sucre, sirop de glucose, gelifiant : gelatine, dextrose, amidon modifie, acide citrique, sorbitol (E420), aromes, mushroom extract, colorants : (E140) (E122) (E160) (E163) (E104). Ingredientes: azucar, jarabe de glucosa, agente gelificante: gelatina dextrosa, almidon modificado, acido cítrico, sorbitol (E420), aromatizantes, mushroom extract, colorantes: (E140) (E122) (E104) (E160) (E163). Voedingswaarden/ nutrient facts/ Ernährungswerte/ Valeurs nutritionnelles/ Valores nutricionales per 100 gr Energie/ Energy/Energie / energie kJ 1432/kcal 337 Vetten/fats/Fetten /Gras/Grodo 0.3g Waarvan verzadigd/ of wich saturated/Davon gesattigt/ Dont satures/de los cuales saturados 0.3g Koolhydraten/carbohydrates/Kohlenhydrate/ Glucides/carbohidratos 78.2 g Waarvan suikers/ of wich sugars/Davon Zucker / Dont sucres/de los cuales azucares 45.6 g Vezels/ fibers/Fasern / fibre/Fibras 0.2 g Eiwitten/protein/Proteine / proteines/Proteína 4.4 g Zout/salt/Zals / sel/Salado 0,04 g Netto gewicht/ Net weight/ Nettogewicht/ poids net/peso neto/ 4,8 gram geproduceert door/ produced by/ hergestellt von/ produit par/producido por Contact email: houdbaarheids datum / best before/ mindestens haltbar bis/ meilleur avant/fecha de caducidad 

3 reviews for Gummies with Mushroom Extract

  1. Anonymous

    This was incredabily powerfull, insane visuals i saw beings and it feelt like i was one with everything, strongly recomend only side effect is that i have a slughet headache the day after.

  2. Spaceman


  3. fatih erken

    ftherken (verified owner)

    It works… I liked it… I recommend this one;)

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