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Step into the world of The High Company. Immerse yourself in top-tier HHC, THC-P, mushroom-infused delights, and an array of other exceptional edibles and vapes at The High Company.

In response to the legal restrictions on THC in various countries, we introduce HHC, the close relative of THC or delta-9, scientifically known as Hexa Hydra Cannabinol. Functioning identically to Tetra Hydra Cannabinol (THC), HHC offers a potent alternative, boasting approximately 70% of THC’s strength.

The High Company specializes in crafting premium HHC, THC-P, and mushroom-based products, setting the gold standard for quality across Europe. Step into a world reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s magical confectionery, where every product invites you to rediscover the awe of a first-time visitor to a candy store.

Explore a diverse range of items derived from our HHC, THC-P, mushroom, and more. Our offerings include convenient HHC disposable vapes, perfect for daily use when smoking a joint is impractical or for those who prefer an alternative to traditional joints.

Indulge in our delectable HHC edibles, featuring a tempting array of hhc chocolate, hhc gummies, hhc fudge, hhc lollipops, hhc muffins, hhc cookies, and hhc brownies. With new products launching monthly, keep an eye on our website for exciting updates.

At The High Company, we guarantee the highest quality products available anywhere. As connoisseurs of excellence, we extend the same luxurious experience to our customers—rich flavors, captivating aromas, and highly concentrated products that elevate your senses and transport you to new heights.


Magic mushroom edibles are the most fun thing to play with. No need to eat those terrible tasting magic mushrooms or magic truffles anymore truffles. We use the highest quality ingredients to create our masterpiece mushroom candy
If you are wondering how is it legal to process psilocybine into our products, here is the trick. When taking psilocybine extract made from original magic mushrooms and putting it under high pressure with hydrogen the molecule of the hallucinating substance reverses. Making it a different moleculair structure that is not on any forbidden list.
The effect of the psilocybine thays the same but becomes a little weaker. To counter this we add a little more percentage of our ingredient to the candy wich makes it just as potent as a pack of original magic mushrooms. Our range carries: magic mushroom gummies, magic mushroom chocolate and magic mushroom caramel. We can not make Magic mushroom cookies, brownies or muffins due to them being in the oven at a high temperature for a long time wich will vaporize the ingredient.


THCP is the bigger and stronger brother of the original Delta 9 THC. It is so potent that it can have 10 times more effect than the normal THC. Therefor lower levels of milligrams are used in THCP products. As where a normal THC edible would have between 25 and 50 milligram of delta9 THC, a THCP edible will only contian 2,5 to 5 milligram of thcp to get the same effect. We offer different types of THCP edibles such as THCP gummies, THCP chocolate, THCP fudge and THCP vape. All of these are dosed to have the same use as normall THC edibles and vapes but with a smoother flavour due to not having to put so much active ingredient in there. The effects of THCP are exactly the same as normall THC if the dosage is adjusted accordingly offcourse.


Dive into a world of elevated sensations with our 1ml THC-P Vape, a meticulously crafted experience designed to redefine your cannabis enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the potent allure of THC-P, a cannabinoid renowned for its unique properties.

Our THC-P Vape delivers a seamless blend of convenience and luxury. Each 1ml cartridge is filled with a precisely measured concentration of THC-P, ensuring a consistent and controlled experience with every puff. The sleek and compact design allows for discreet usage, making it ideal for on-the-go enthusiasts or those seeking a more private way to indulge.

Experience the smooth inhale of our THC-P Vape, as the rich vapor tantalizingly envelops your senses. The 1ml capacity provides an ample supply, allowing you to savor the distinctive effects of THC-P at your own pace.

Unwind and explore the depths of relaxation or elevate your creativity with our premium THC-P Vape. Crafted with quality and purity in mind, our 1ml cartridge promises a journey into the world of THC-P that is both refined and potent.

Indulge in a vaping experience like no other—sophisticated, discreet, and designed to elevate your moments. Embrace the future of cannabis enjoyment with our 1ml THC-P Vape.


Our hhc edibles such as hhc gummies, hhc chocolate and hhc fudge contain fairly high levels of hhc. HHC is better known as hexahydrocannabidinol. The substance is simmilair to the well known cannabinoid THC and has the same effect.
There is one little difference in our opinion. HHC gives you more of a high than a stoned feeling.
Making it more suitable to have fun and laugh than being stoned and sleepy. In our range we also offer hhc vape, hhac shots, hhc muffins and brownies and offcourse the hhc cookies. Our hhc is a semi synthetic cannabinoid, meaning that the original cannabinoid was derived from hemp and altered into hhc by using high pressure and hydrogen. No chemicals or heavy metals are found in the hhc that is used for our products.


Embark on a journey of refined pleasures with our HHC Vape in 5 delectable flavors and HHC Vape Liquid in an equally enticing array of varieties. With every puff, experience the perfect harmony of high-quality Hexa Hydra Cannabinol (HHC) and an array of flavors that make your taste buds dance.

Our HHC Vape, available in five unique flavors, delivers an unparalleled vaping experience. Each 2ml vape is infused with the carefully measured potency of HHC, and its sleek, portable design allows for discreet use wherever you go. Choose from a range of flavors, from fruity sweetness to refreshing mint sensations, and savor the complex notes that characterize each variant.

For those who prefer a more versatile approach to HHC, our HHC Vape Liquid offers an extensive selection of five flavors in liquid form. Ideal for customizing your vaping experience, each HHC Vape Liquid is infused with the refined aromas of HHC, giving you the freedom to personalize your vapors as you see fit.

Whether you enjoy the refreshing breeze of menthol, the sweetness of fruity tones, or the earthy richness of spicy flavors, our HHC Vape and HHC Vape Liquid in five flavors provide a flavorful journey through the world of Hexa Hydra Cannabinol. Discover and relish a new dimension of vaping with our premium HHC products.

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