MDMA gummies

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In the 90’s there was the real MDMA that was used to make ecstacy.
This MDMA gave an energetic feeling but makes you move slower.
Loving everyone around you and making the whole world look like a fantastic place.
This feeling of love was re-formulated by our development team and is being used in our MDMA products.
The working components are a little bit of Muskamol, a low dosage of our Speed recipe and the substance found in chocolate that makes people happy.
Releasing luck hormones in the brain, makes the mind fade a little and boosts your energy levels.
This is as close to the real thing as we can get.
Our testpanel are real party people and frequent users, so going through the testfase was really hard.
But in the end they where so statisfied that they use our Gummies more than the illegal ecstasy that is out on the streets.