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The High Company HHC Oil is the latest product in our range.
Our HHC Oil is highly concentrated and contains 1000mg per bottle.
HHC or Hexa Hydro Cannabinol and is very similar to THC, however HHC is completely legal in many country’s.
HHC is already very popular in America and we expect HHC to become very popular in the rest of the world as well.
In comparison to THC, HHC has about 70% of the strength.
This makes it many times more potent than any other product on the market, such as CBD or CBN.

In America, HHC is widely used by people with the following complaints, among others:
– Muscle releave
– Eating disorder
– Chronic pain
– Sleep problems
– Various types of anxiety
– Nausea and vomiting
– Inflammations
– And many more reasons

Contents and dosage
This bottle of 10% HHC Oil contains 10 ml of HHC Oil, enough for about 250 drops.
Each drop contains approximately 4 mg of HHC.
We recommend starting with 1 drop to first get used to the power of HHC.
We advise against driving or operating (heavy) machinery after intake.
Build up the intake slowly and above all listen to your body’s reaction.
Every person has a different tollerance to Cannabinoids.
It can take up to 4 hours before you notice any effects.
We therefore strongly advise you not to drip in the meantime.