Welcome to the Future of Cannabis

Welcome to the future of Cannabis. Our products are developed by us and have the highest quality possible. From top notch genetics and outstanding growing process to the extracting proces with our NASA worthy equipment.
Everything is the best that you could ever think of.

So what is it?
Our compound has been derived from real THC wich has been grown organically in our facility in Europe. Let me tell you a little more about how we do it. Here is the simple explanation about the process. By taking our THC extract and putting it under extremely high pressure a molecule changes inside of the THC. It is still the same substance but officially it is not called Delta 9 anymore. When testing it with lab equipment it also says: no THC detected. However the effect does not change, even better, it enhances the original Delta 9 into something much cleaner. The high is just as good as normal THC but is feels cleaner and more focused.

What are the advantages of this product?
There are so many advantages in this product. First of all, it is legal worldwide because we changed the Delta 9 into our compound. Every lab and testing equipment will say that there is no THC in it. It can be used in many different ways such as vaping, smoking or as an additive to edibles. Imagine if every country in the world can use legal THC products. That is what we call a revolution.

So what products do we have?
We have edibles. Handmade and all the best quality. Jars with the best selected flowers. Pre-rolls, handrolled with our best selected flowers. Disposable Vapes, with the best flavors. And much more!