Our HHC edibles such as HHC gummies, HHC chocolate and HHC fudge contain fairly high levels of HHC.
HHC is better known as Hexa Hydro Cannabidinol.
The substance is similar to the well known cannabinoid THC and has the same effect.
There is one little difference in our opinion.
HHC gives you more of a high than a stoned feeling.
Making it more suitable to have fun and laugh than being stoned and sleepy.
In our range we also offer HHC vape, HHC shots, HHC Spacecake and brownies and offcourse the HHC cookies.
Our HHC is a semi synthetic cannabinoid, meaning that the original cannabinoid was derived from hemp and altered
into HHC by using high pressure and hydrogen.
No chemicals or heavy metals are found in the HHC that is used for our products.