THC-P Edibles

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THCP is the bigger and stronger brother of the original Delta 9 THC.
It is so potent that it can have 10 times more effect than the normal THC.
Therefor lower levels of milligrams are used in THCP products.
As where a normal THC edible would have between 25 and 50 milligram of delta9 THC, a THCP edible will only contian 2,5 to 5 milligram of thcp to get the same effect.
We offer different types of THCP edibles such as THCP gummies, THCP chocolate, THCP fudge and THCP vape.
All of these are dosed to have the same use as normall THC edibles and vapes but with a smoother flavour due to not having to put so much active ingredient in there.
The effects of THCP are exactly the same as normall THC if the dosage is adjusted accordingly offcourse.