So what is HHC and can it be compared with THC.
HHC is actually a simmilair compound to THC, you can see it as a sister.
Here you see it clear by comparing the two component figures.



The difference is that THC is about 30% stronger than HHC.
So you need more to get the same effect.
Out of users experience people say that HHC gives a more clear high than THC.
As where THC can bring you down as in being stoned, the HHC is more clear and focussed.
From our opinion we feel that HHC is better than THC because you can enjoy the trip much better
than when you are stoned and not in touch with your surrounding.

Yes it is.
HHC is not on any list to be an illegal substance.
Therefore you don’t need a license to posses or sell it.
This makes it very easy to work with.

HHC edibles are simmilair to THC edibles.
The way you consume it is very different than when smoking it.
When you smoke HHC flower or extract and you are taking too much, your body and mind will give you a signal.
That you have had enough.
This signal comes in seconds to minutes after inhaling.
How different this is with edibles.
From the point of eating them it takes some time to digest and for the HHC
to get into your bloodstream.
The time depends on your metabolism and if you have an empty stummach or if you just had a big lunch.
On an empty stommach it can take up to an hour before you feel anything and up to 1.5 hour before it reaches it’s peak.
When consuming HHC edibles on a full stommach it can take hours before you feel anything because your body will process the food before the edibles.
The advise is when you take a dosage in the form of an edible, wait for at least one hour before taking an other dose.

These products are normally made by adding a certain percentage of HHC extract to CBD cannabis.
The CBD flower or hash do not contain THC and are therefore totally legal.
With adding the HHC it gives a simmilair effect when smoking it.
We call that infused CBD weed or hash.
The flavours are the same as normall weed and hash.
The smoking is the same as well.
There is just a legal difference.
If the police catches you with this product and test it.
There will be no THC.

We can not say this out loud.
But from what we heard from our customers that where pulled over by the police to do a
cannabis/ marihuana test.
They actually tested negative.
We think this is because the tests that they use only look for THC and not other cannabinoids.
Like said before, this is what we hear from our customers and we can not say out loud if it is true or not.

Everything that you read down here is from experience.
We are not certified doctors so we can not make claims or statements about this.
So is it possible to overdose? Yes it is.
When overdosing HHC you will fall a sleep.
Same as when you smoke too much weed and knock out.
It is not dangerous for your health but you should be aware that when you use HHC,
you need to make sure that your agenda is empty and you do not have any responsibilities.