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HHC Fudge


  • Fresh made in our bakery.
  • 10 cubes in a package
  • HHC fudge is made with fresh ingredients to provide the best texture and flavour
  • Totall contents of each fudge is 50 mg HHC
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HHC Edible Fudge

HHC edible Fudge. One of the most populair THC edibles in the USA is fudge.
Very simple but always good.
Our HHC fudge is made with fresh ingredients to provide the best texture and flavour.
There are 10 cubes in a bucket, the small cubes are easy to share and contain 50mg each.
The fudge is without milk to have a longer shelf life,it makes it a little less soft but regular fudge can only be kept for one week, ours can be kept for 1 year.
This makes it so much better because you dont have to eat them all within a week.

Our HHC edibles are made by hand in our little kitchen.
All handcrafted to bring you the best experience.
We have HHC muffins,HHC brownies, HHC chocolate, HHC gummies, HHC lollypops and HHC fudge.
All of these recepies have been created by us.
To do so we had to test every product and every percentage untill we found the perfect balance and flavour.
The edibles are very strong and made for experienced users.
If you are a firsttimer please start with a half portion.

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Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fats (palm, coconut), glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, water, salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural flavors, vanilla extract and HHC.


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