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THC-P Chocolate


  • Every pack contains 4 chocolate cubes
  • Each chocolate contains 2.5mg of thc-p
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The High Company THCP Chocolate: A Potent Twist to Your Favorite Indulgence

Embark on an exhilarating journey with our The High Company THCP Chocolate. Each delectable piece, infused with a total of 10 mg THCP, promises a unique and powerful cannabis experience, elevating the pleasure of indulging in your favorite treat. Whether you savor the rich dark cocoa or the smooth milk chocolate, these infused delights are perfect for those seeking an intense effect complemented by delightful flavors.

What is THCP?

THCP, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is a cannabinoid known for its exceptional potency and effectiveness. A relatively recent discovery in the cannabis world, THCP has quickly captured the attention of both recreational and medicinal users. THCP is stronger than the more familiar THC, resulting in a deeper and more intense experience.

The Perfect Blend of Flavor and Potency Our The High Company THCP Chocolate is meticulously crafted to achieve the perfect harmony between the luscious chocolatey goodness and the potent effects of THCP. Relish in the delightful flavors as each piece contains 25 mg of THCP, allowing for easy dosage management.

Usage and Dosage Due to the high potency of THCP, we recommend starting with a small piece, especially if you are new to THCP-infused chocolates. These chocolate delights are ideal for both experienced users and those new to THCP, offering a potent and enjoyable experience.

Quality and Safety At The High Company, quality is our priority. Our THCP Chocolate is produced with the highest quality standards, utilizing only the finest ingredients. This ensures not only a delightful taste but also a safe and reliable experience with every luxurious bite.

ingredienten: Suiker, cacaoboter^1, volle melkpoeder, cacaomassa^1, botervet (melk), emulgator: zonnebloemlecithin, aroma,THc-P. Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, full milkpowder, cocoa mass, butterfat (milk), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, aroma, THc-P. zutaten: Zucker, Kakaobutter, Vollmilchpulver, Kakaomasse, Butterfett (milch), Emulgator: Sonnenblumenlecithin, aroma, THc-P. Ingredients: Sucre, beurre de cacao, lait entier en poudre, masse de cacao, matiere grasse (lait), emulsifiant : lecithine de tournesol, aroma, THc-P. Ingredientes: Azucar, manteca de cacao^1, leche entera en polvo, masa de cacao^1, grasa de mantequilla (leche), emulgente: lecitina de girasol, aroma, THc-P Energie/ Energy/Energie / energie kJ 2293/kcal 549 Vetten/fats/Fetten /Gras/Grodo 33g Waarvan verzadigd/ of wich saturated/Davon gesattigt/ Dont satures/de los cuales saturados 20g Koolhydraten/carbohydrates/Kohlenhydrate/ Glucides/carbohidratos 55 g Waarvan suikers/ of wich sugars/Davon Zucker / Dont sucres/de los cuales azucares 54 g Vezels/ fibers/Fasern / fibre/Fibras 2,4 g Eiwitten/protein/Proteine / proteines/Proteína 6,9 g Zout/salt/Zals / sel/Salado 0,20 g Netto gewicht/ Net weight/ Nettogewicht/ poids net/peso neto/ 12 gram geproduceert door/ produced by/ hergestellt von/ produit par/producido por The high company czeck republic Contact email: houdbaarheids datum / best before/ mindestens haltbar bis/ meilleur avant/fecha de caducidad

2 reviews for THC-P Chocolate

  1. gunter

    Schokolade mit sehr gutem Geschmack
    hält, was sie verspricht,
    ich hatte eine schöne Reise

  2. natasha

    Tento produkt byl v naší oblasti nový.
    Na tohle jsem byl hodně zvědavý.
    Myslel jsem, že to má velmi silnou chuť, ale prostor byl skvělý

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