HHC Pre Rolls

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HHC flowers are actually weed buds of the a cbd strain.
Grown with thc levels lower than 0.2% and therefor legal in allmost every country in Europe.
The cbd cannabis buds are infused with pure hhc extract to the levels where they have a simmilair effect as regular cannabis.
With the positive side that there is no thc in there.
It is the solution to all the legal issues that normall cannabis has.
All of our HHC flowers are grown by us and infused by us.
We grow our weed organic and without pesticides because we are lovers of the plant and care about everyones health.
The genetics that we use have been made by selecting the best flavours and smells.
After harvesting, drying and cleaning a second selection takes place.
In this selection procedure we are very carefull of what can go in the packages and what not.
We only use the best of the best cannabis buds.
Full of flavour and rich terpenes for an awesome smell.
The pre rolls are handmade in our secret location by people that really enjoy making good products.
From weed lovers for weed lovers.
Don’t think that the abscence of thc will not get you high though.
The weed is just as strong as regular cannabis flowers.
We are constantly breeding and developing new strains.
Every strain that makes it to the selection will be launched here for the public.
Keep your eyes on the website from time to time to see what new strains we have added to our website.