Welcome into the world of the high company. High quality HHC edibles and vapes.
The best solution to replace thc wich is illegal in many country’s is to use the sister of the thc or delta9 molecule call hhc.
HHC stands for Hexa Hydra Cannabinol. It does exactly the same as Tetra Hydra Cannabinol (THC).
The only difference is that HHC has about 70% strenght of THC.

The high company is speciallized in making hhc products.
We have the best quality of HHC products in Europe.
A world like the willy wonka movie where you can be that kid again that visits the big candystore for the first time
and doesn’t know where to look because everything is beautiful.
That is the feeling that we are trying to create with our company and products.

Here you will all sorts of products made with our HHC.
HHC cannabis flower that are grown in our professional growrooms and are seelcted to quality, smell and flavour.
HHC cannabis pre rolls that are made from the same high quality cannabis flowers and rolled to perfection by our well experienced team.
HHC hash wich is also produced by us using the best pollen that we can find.
HHC disposable vapes, handy for every day use where you are not able to smoke a joint or people that don’t smoke joints at all.
HHC edibles such as hhc chocolate, hhc gummies, hhc fudge, hhc lollipops, hhc muffins and hhc brownie.

We are launching new products every month so stay tuned to this website.

All our products are the highest quality that you will ever find anywhere.
Because we are lovers of good stuff ourselves, this is what we offer to other people as well.
Rich flavours and smells that will get your head in the clouds and highly concentrated products are what we stand for.

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