Our HHC edibles are made by hand in our little kitchen.
All handcrafted to bring you the best experience.
We have HHC muffins made with fresh ingredients with our own perfected recepy.
For our HHC chocolate we only use calebout chocolate wich is the best Belgian chocolate that you can find.
Our HHC gummies are made with all natural flavours.
HHC lollypops with fruity flavours and HHC fudge wich has been been made by traditional recept and stays soft for a long time.
All of these recepies have been created by us.
To do so we had to test every product and every percentage untill we found the perfect balance and flavour.
THC and HHC are sister substances and do the same.
The only thing that is different is the dosage.
We corrected the dosage to be the same as thc edibles.
So be aware, the edibles are very strong and made for experienced users.
If you are a firsttimer please start with a half portion.
Make sure to keep them away from children and animals.
All the edibles are halal and vegan.