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HHC Vape Liquid Lemon Haze


  • Our vape liquids are made with the highest quality ingredients.
  • No harmfull compounds have been used.
  • All natural flavors.
  • Very strong containing 1500mg in each bottle.
  • Highly concentraded to last a very long time
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HHC Vape Liquid Lemon Haze

Fruity fresh and sour are the main flavors of the lemon haze.
The terpenes of this strain gives a tingeling to your senses.

Effect: Clear, focussed and energtic

Flavor: Lime and lemon

Our HHC vape liquid is made with the purest HHC oil, all natural liquifier and high quality terpenes.

Ingredients: HHC, Terpenes, organical liquifier (glycols)
No PG or VG

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 small puffs, wait for 5 minutes before taking more.
Do not exceed 20-30 puffs per day..

Storage: Store in cool or room temperature and away from sunlight.
Try to store upright to prevent leaking.

Can only be bought or used by people that are 21 years of age or over.
Please check your local regulations if this product is legal in your country.
Do not use when pregnant, nursing or with bad health conditions.
We are not responsible for the use or abuse of our products.

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HHC on itsself has no flavor.
Therefore we added subtile fruit flavors to our bottles of liquid.
All bottles contain 1500mg of HHC.
This way you are ensured that they give you a good high and last very long in use.
Our HHC cartridges contain 1500mg as well but we added terpene profiles to them of real cannabis flavors.
This is the difference between the HHC vape liquid and the HHC cartridges.


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