Vaping has become very populair among cannabis users.
It has many advantages as you dont have to roll a joint but just take the hhc vape pen out of your pocket and take a couple of hits.
Easy to dose as you don’t have to smoke the whole joint and very discrete.
No one will see what vape pen you are smoking and connect that to cannabis.
There is no cannabis smell to our hhc vapepens.
We use the highest quality hhc distillate for our vapepens.
What we don’t do is mix it with chemicals such as glycerine.
The ingreidents that we use are all naturall.
With all naturall flavours and thinners we create the perfect blend and smoothness.
There is no nicotine in our vape pens.
With 1000 milligrams of hhc per pen they are highly concentrated and last a long time.
You can take between 600 and 800 puffs from a pen.
It is very economical and is a good alternative to smoking regular weed.
40 puffs is about the same as smoking a normall joint.
Our pens come in different flavours but we are constanly developing new ones.
Once they passed our selection and are made to our statifaction they will be added to our catalogu